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This Week’s Crop: Is Your Brand On Wikipedia?

Here are just a few stories that I found interesting in this week’s news!

  • This is a good article by Mark E. Brown for TalentZoo about listing your brand on Wikipedia if it’s not already there.  I think this is a great idea, but would strongly recommend that you regularly check for errors or inaccurate information. And you should post updates and links for press coverage or other significant news to make the most of the site.  Also, Wikipedia is good for multi-cultural businesses since they offer translation in many languages. http://bit.ly/oThm8J
  • Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup! Facebook will offer ability to Skype. Here’s one story about it from the LA Times:  http://lat.ms/ru3HOt
  • Google+ is Google’s new multi-user experience which is gearing up to take on Facebook.  It has similarities to Facebook but it’s supposed to be aimed at both business as well as social users.  Also Google+ would allow users to separate their “friends” into different sub-groups like actual friends, acquaintances or book club members, instead having all your contacts in the same list.   It features a video chat element called Hangout, and you’ll be able to access their popular Picasa picture app.  Here are articles about Google+ from ComputerWorld  http://bit.ly/lUNN57  and  Time  http://ti.me/qdRlNG.

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