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Are Your Cupcakes In A Delicious Box?

A local baker contacted me to brainstorm ideas to attract new business.  I loved the challenge so we met for coffee, and you guessed it, some sinfully scrumptious cupcakes!

After eating one of Martha’s Chocolate Decadent Delight cupcakes, I pondered the meaning of life and whether I should try another one.  I thought If Shakespeare was still around, he might have written “The cake’s the thing.”  The cupcakes were that good, but Martha was having trouble getting orders from local companies, even though she was in a great area with lots of nearby businesses.  She was getting referrals from friends for social events (birthdays and a few weddings) but she wanted to grow her corporate business.  She wasn’t sure how to get started.

Prior to our meeting, I researched local bakers and perused their websites to check out the competition.  I also took a long, hard look at Martha’s online presence.  For our session, I asked her to bring a business card, a box of cupcakes as they would go to a client, and brochures or collateral materials.

Whether you are marketing Boston Cream Pie cupcakes, t-shirts or widgets, these ideas are relevant, so I thought I’d share a few of them on my blog.

  • Is Your Web Site or Facebook Page Freshly Baked?  Fresh content is king.  Make sure you update your web site or social media sites regularly.  I know you’re busy, but someone from your company should post updates at least once a week (depends on your type of business as to how often).  This could mean anything from adding a new item or updated service, sharing a comment from a satisfied customer, running a contest, or posting a photo of a successful event.  Updates don’t have to be major changes, they are just meant to keep the site changing organically. For instance, I suggested that Martha add new photos showing how her cupcakes translate to a business setting.
  • Does Your Cake Stack Up To The Competition?  You need memorable products that are well-crafted and the best you can make them.  Be aware of what the competition is doing and make sure you know the options your customers have, and give them a reason to come back to you.
  • Are Your Cupcakes in A Delicious Box?  What does your packaging say about your business? Are you delivering your materials in a generic white box?  That’s what Martha was doing. I suggested a revamp of her packaging, which she did to great success.
  • Could Your Business Card Sell A Cake?  When someone gets your card or your brochure, does it entice them to try your product or service?  Or is the information dry and tasteless? Is it out of date?  I recommended changing the language on both Martha’s card and brochures to make sure she was also appealing to a corporate clientele.
  • Are You Serving Your Local Community?  For people to get to know you and what you do, you have to get out and meet your neighbors. This means joining local organizations, maybe contacting local businesses to offer a grand prize for an upcoming event, or going by local offices and retail shops to introduce yourself. With renewed vigor, along with new cards and updated brochures, Martha started making time each week to promote her business. Guess what? Revenues went up!

How is your business growing…and what are you doing to make it more tasty for new customers?


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