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You Talkin’ To Me? 7 Ideas For Web Copy

You’re working on a fascinating blog entry.  Or maybe you are collaborating with a client to give their web site a face lift, and you are excited about explaining their latest widget design.  Perhaps you are working on an e-blast highlighting your company’s technological wizardry, or describing a sumptuous new menu item.  Wait a minute.  Who is your audience?

Speak the language.   Make sure you are speaking the same language as your readers.  Be wary of using a lot of technical jargon, radical slang, or industry terminology.  This might be a first time visitor to your site or page.  They’ve heard about your company or product and they’ve come to check you out.  Let them know that you would like to communicate with them, not just push information out at them.  Speak in a way they can relate to and understand.

Know your audience.  If your message is intended for 35-64 year-old women or 18-24 college students, keep that in mind.  The more you know about your audience the better.   If you have an audience of avid shoe shoppers, sci-fi readers, left-handed bass players or romantic movie fans, this is helpful in talking directly to them and their interests.

Walk a mile in your customer’s shoes.  Okay if they are wearing Jimmy Choos, at least walk a block.  Think about how your reader found you.  If you were searching on Google or Bing, what would you type in to find your company?  Make sure you are using these words on your site so that your customer can find you easily when they search.

First impressions are important.   Often people decide very quickly what they like and don’t like, based on visuals and colors. Are you featuring beautiful color photography, interesting instructional videos or eye-popping graphics?

Make a connection.   If you are quoting a spokesperson , let some of his or her personality shine through in your materials.  People like to know who they doing business with and a little about them.

Offer solutions, advice or information.  People are in a hurry these days. Let them know what you have to offer, and how it can make their lives more fun, easier, healthier or better in some way.

After you write, read it.  I’m guilty of writing sentences that are just too long.  Having a lot of copy is good, but you have to edit.  I find that reading my copy out loud helps me refine it.

I would love to hear your feedback or comments!

*Photo is of Robert De Niro in the powerful 1976 drama Taxi Driver, directed by Martin Scorsese.


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