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Facebook Is The New Water Cooler

Social media sites reach 82% of all people online.  In the month of October, people spent an estimated 6.7 BILLION hours on social media sites, according to comScore Data Mine.  It may come as no surprise,  but women spend more time on social media than men.

With the continuing popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, consumers who used to share product information, service experiences or just gossip around the water cooler, now turn to online channels to share. 

How does this affect you and what you are doing on social media?

If you are using social media personally, here are some thoughts:

  • Keep most of your news fun and upbeat.  I’m not saying that you should never talk about anything bad that happens. But if you are feeling angry or depressed, step away from the computer and take a walk, or call a good friend. Anything that you post that is of a gossipy nature, or that trashes someone else, will most likely get reposted or re-tweeted. Remember whatever you put out there can live a long time in “social media land.”  I’ve seen some crazy things that people have posted when they are angry, some they have dearly regretted.
  • Start a separate page for your special interest groups like bowling clubs, mom’s morning out, or high school buddies. That way everyone else won’t “hide” you in their newsfeed or basically ignore you. Do you want to read the blow-by blow of someone’s flute lessons, or details of their running club activities? (exactly)
  • Think before posting sexy photos, extreme commentary, or using bad language. Since I’ve been in the job market, I know that potential employers are looking at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to see what kind of person they are considering hiring.  Your boss or co-workers may be checking out your sites, too.

Or, do you use your Facebook page or Twitter feed for professional purposes?  If that’s the case, how are you engaging your fans, friends or visitors?

  • Think about WHO you are talking to before you start.   Once you decide who is in your audience, begin the conversation.   Keep them in mind when you are posting information.
  • Don’t try to sell, sell, sell.  People don’t want to visit a social media site that is constantly trying to sell them something.  If you are on social media, think about being “social.”  Share some information, give some helpful hints, ask some trivia questions.  If your site promotes a product, give fun details or updates, but also talk about other stuff happening in your market, your industry, your community.   Be a good resource for your followers so they’ll enjoy “hanging out with you.”
  • Be authentic.  Have someone handle you page who is well-versed about your company mission and personality.  Make sure the information posted reflects positively on the kind of product or service you provide.
  • Make it rich.  Share photos and videos if possible.  People enjoy “how to” demonstrations.  Try to incorporate new technology with digital photography or even your own You-Tube channel.
  • Consistency is key.  Don’t get overwhelmed with having to post every hour (that’s probably way too much), but do schedule posting on your social media sites regularly.   If you decide that you will go on once a day, Monday-Friday, then do that consistently so that people will know what to expect. That way you can respond in a timely way to inquiries or comments.

There are wonderful possibilities with social media.  It can be helpful, interesting, or just plain fun.  With the addition of tablets and mobile devices, the future looks wide open.  What do you think?? 



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