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10 Cool Ways To Market With QR Codes

What the heck are QR Codes? “Quick Response” Codes are mystical looking little square bar codes that can be scanned and read by smartphones. Scanning a QR Code will take you to a web page with information about a company, product or service. If you scan the one on this page, you’ll hear “Imagine.”

Where do you find them? They can be found on flyers, posters, cups, coasters, buttons, coupons, menus, boxes, food or product labels, and signs. Marketers include them in their web and print ads. I’ve seen them on t-shirts, hats and buildings!  

Who can access them? Anyone with a smartphone who has downloaded a QR Reader can read them. There are lots of apps and most are free.

How do you make QR Codes? Just download a QR Creator app. I use QR FlipFlop.

Here are 10 creative ideas your business might use QR Codes for marketing:

1)      Special of the Day – Restaurants or cafes that offer special lunch or dinner items could put QR codes on a sign in their waiting area to get customers excited about ordering. The link could lead to a photo of the dish and a mouth-watering description.

2)     Facebook Promotion –  Link the code to your Facebook Fan Page to get more followers. Then provide a special offer if they click the ‘Like Us’ button.

3)     Awesome Offer – Make an offer for discount on admission, free dessert, or a coupon to use on your customer’s next visit. Put this on ads, flyers or direct mail postcards.

4)     Insider Info – I wish George RR Martin had included a QR Code at the end of his Game of Thrones series for additional info on the HBO series, or on his next novel. His publisher could do a giveaway for a free autographed book or download!

 You can use QR codes to share exciting news or promote the launch of a new product. Museums could include them in signs beside paintings for more information on the artist.

5)     Cooking Recipes – Think about including QR Codes on labels as a way to share healthy, unusual or fast preparation recipes. You can highlight seasonal or holiday fare. Recipes or tips can be shown with tempting photos, or direct them to your YouTube channel to watch a video!

6)     How-To Tips – This would be great for product usage demonstrations, assembly instructions, gardening advice, painting or crafting techniques.

7)     Nutritional Info – The public is becoming more health conscious and there are also a lot of people with allergies or on restricted diets. QR Codes can provide lots of helpful information.

8)      24/7 – Put a sign with a QR Code in your window and you can tell customers who walk by lots of information, even when you aren’t there. Political candidates could include QR Codes on their signs or flyers to link to important policy issues. Real estate agents could include them on yard signs and link to virtual tours.

9)     Survey or “Comment Card” – Get feedback and ideas from your customers!

10)  Virtual Business Card – Recently I attended SoCon12 an annual social media conference at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta. Someone gave me a business card via their iPhone. That day I created my first virtual card and have enjoyed using it numerous times since. It’s a great conversation starter, too!

What do you think about QR Codes?



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