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Atlanta Consulate Says Haiti Is Open For Business!

Haiti - Coat of Arms on white backgroundAtlanta, GA — “I get a lot of questions about what is happening these days in Haiti,” says Gandy Thomas, Consul General of Haiti in Atlanta. “I’m happy to report that we are making progress and things are getting better. The country is rebuilding, several sectors are experiencing rapid growth, and my office is planning more trips to Haiti on a regular basis to introduce American business leaders to companies and industry officials there. Here’s a brief overview of some of the progress being made. As our consulate motto states, Haiti is open for business!”

As Haiti works to establish itself as a modern country, it is moving from humanitarian relief to becoming more self-sufficient. The Haitian economy is gradually improving, and according to a recent report by Haitian Prime Minister Lamothe, investment has grown nearly 25% in the last year. There has been slow but steady job growth including more than 3,000 new jobs created in Caracol alone. Some areas of concern are still the country’s infrastructure and the agricultural sector, but these are being addressed by the government and private companies. A number of countries including Germany, Spain and the United States are currently working with, and investing in, Haiti.

Several sectors are on the upswing.Île-à-Vache, Haiti

  • Tourism is a huge industry for Haiti, with assets like some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and a rich and colorful culture. Major companies are building new hotels there, like Marriott and Hilton. Carnival Cruise Lines just announced they are adding Haiti as a new destination in the Caribbean. And to further promote cultural tourism, the Consulate in Atlanta created a yearly signature event to celebrate Haitian arts and culture. The 4th Annual Flavors and Colors of Haiti will take place at the Rialto Center for the Arts on December 11.
  • Manufacturing is on the rise in Haiti with the production of high quality textiles and clothing, at competitive prices. The government has established some great tax advantages to doing business in Haiti. For companies headquartered in the United States, Haiti’s close proximity makes it easy to get back and forth to check on production, and shipping is fast.
  • Technology is improving. Another area of manufacturing is the hi-tech tablet market. SURTAB began making a tablet in their factory in Haiti in 2013. Current production is at about 5,000 tablets a month. The affordably priced tablets are being sold to Haitians and are available for export.

The Consulate General of Haiti in Atlanta functions as a bridge between Haitian citizens and institutions visiting or doing business in the United States. It fulfills the traditional roles of a consulate general in providing visas, passports, and other legal formalities. The Consulate also serves as a center for cultural, economic, political, and scientific cooperation that promotes ongoing dialogue, strong working relationships and peace between Haiti and the United States. The Consulate in Atlanta has jurisdiction in these states: Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, South Carolina and North Carolina. For more information visit their web site: http://consulathaiti-atlanta.org/

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Media Contact: Karen Hatchett — karen@hatchettpr.com


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